Exploring, identifying & validating new biomarkers

Biomarker classification depends on its context of utilization, which thoroughly characterizes the degree to which the biomarker must be "validated." as far as necessities for approval, the "blessed vessel" of biomarker application is one that can fill in as a surrogate endpoint in a clinical trial. A surrogate endpoint is a research facility (or physical) estimation that is utilized as a part of a clinical trial as a substitute for a clinical endpoint (e.g., survival or practical endpoint). Subsequently, a surrogate endpoint should precisely anticipate the impact of therapeutic intervention.
  • Collaborating with other disciplines
  • Non-invasive & least-invasive Biomarkers
  • The Latest Oncology Diagnostics
  • Informatics in Personalized Medicine
  • Novel approaches to drug design
  • Application of Genetics/Genomics in the Clinic