Biomarkers & Research

Biomarkers are the particles which demonstrate ordinary/anomalous process occurring in the body and may be the indication of a hidden condition or sickness. Different kinds of atoms can fill in as biomarkers, for example, DNA (genes), proteins or hormones since they all demonstrate the status of your wellbeing. 
Biomarkers participate in different procedures like diagnosis and prognosis, expectation and estimation of treatment reaction, and security assessment. The atomic biomarkers are solely being created and approved to be utilized as a part of medication improvement and are utilized to help endorsement of medication items.
  • Molecular biomarkers
  • Cancer biomarkers
  • Lipid biomarkers
  • Oncology biomarkers
  • Neurological biomarkers
  • Inflammatory & immunological biomarkers
  • Cardiovascular biomarkers
  • In-silico biomarkers
  • Pathological biomarkers